The MoD and The MoD Minister supporting the British-Hong Kong Servicemen (Veterans) Right of Abode Campaign

The request was refused by Ministry of Defence.

Dear Ministry of Defence Minister,
Dear Ministry of Defence,
B.Parliamentary Early Day Motions 88, 722, 92,537 refer - Andrew Rosindell MP (Conservative)
C.EDM 88 -
D.Minister of Defence pledge & commitment to fully support these veterans/this matter on 31 Jan 2019.
E.Armed Forces Veterans Campaign Team meeting with the Home Secretary on 31 Jan 2019.

I respectfully ask within this MoD FOI request the following to be confirmed: a. That both the current MoD Minister and the MoD continue today to support this Campaign for RoA FOR FORMER BRITISH-HONG KONG SERVICEMEN. b. The former MoD Minister, on 31 Jan 2019 said that both he and the MoD were fully supporting these former Hong Kong Military Service Corps [HKMSC] soldiers (now Veterans) and the Hong Kong Royal Naval [HKRN] servicemen (now Veterans) in this matter and can you now say what action both the MoD Minister and the MoD has taken to support this matter since the 31 Jan 2019 and what has been the outcome of that action taken? c. If no action to support these British-Hong Kong veterans has been taken then please tell me what action now both the current MoD Minister and the MoD today will take.
Yours faithfully,
Russ Banks - Royal Military Police Veteran (Campaign Adviser)

People-Sec-FOI Mailbox (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Banks,

Pleas see the attached response from the Ministry of Defence to your recent FOI request.

Kind regards,

Defence People Secretariat.

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