The Midland hotel [President of China Xi] October 23rd, 2015/ Cllr Gary Millar Liverpool

Roger Kann made this Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Council

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Could Liverpool City Council please ask Cllr Gary Millar to provide this information with regards to:
[1.] The Midland hotel [President of China Xi] October 23rd, 2015.

[ 2.] Why would UKTI in this hotel [Midland] introduce: Cllr Gary Millar, to Peter McInnes.

[3.] The name of the UKTI person who was in the company of Mr Peter McInnes at this hotel.

[4] Could Cllr Gary Millar recall any of these names from the Midland hotel?
Clive Drinkwater from North West – UK Trade & Investment’s (UKTI)
Peter Mesh
Philomena Chen

[5] Or has Cllr Gary Millar, held talks in person, or by phone, email, letter, from 2014/15 with regards to any and all overseas investments and into Liverpool Chinatown, Pall Mall with these three persons?

Cllr Gary Millar, now only claims to have been introduced to Peter McInnes in the Midland Manchester Hotel as from the 23rd October 2015 by UKTI?

This was Cllr Gary Millar’s own reply from his last FOI:

2. Councillor Millar has never met Peter McInnes or any representative of NPG at the
Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Manchester. It is believed that
Peter McInnes joined a Northern Powerhouse event at Manchester’s Midland Hotel
attended by President Xi.

councillor Millar also attended that event as a guest of what was then called UKTI after President Xi left. councillor Millar did not have a meeting with Peter McInnes but was introduced to him by UKTI.

Can Cllr Gary Millar please then state who this other person within the [UKTI] was and how did Peter McInnes know this person at UKTI in the Midland hotel?

So, Cllr Gary Millar only first became aware of Peter McInnes at the Midland Hotel 23rd October 2015?

So how was Cllr Millar in several photos with [ Peter McInnes] in the NPG Hong Kong sales opening just 20 days before, was it on 3rd October 2015?

Yours faithfully,

Roger Kann

Mac LPL left an annotation ()

Previous FOI shows Cllr Millar was in Hong Kong end of October, not beginning of October as you suggest in this request. This is the second request mis-stating information.

Audrey O'Keefe left an annotation ()

mis-stating information - Cllr Millar stated ''Steve'' bought his plane tickets to visit Indonesia on council business - now LCC are saying Cllr Millar bought the tickets - you mean that sort of mis-stating...... from what I can see Cllr Millar makes many faux pas

Finance and Resources, Liverpool City Council

Information request
Our reference: 669248

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Mac LPL left an annotation ()

The questions you raise are better answered by UKTI or Mr McInnes. In addition, your false statement re Cllr Millar’s trip to Hong Kong has been noted.

Dear Finance and Resources,
Still awaiting a reply from Cllr Millar why is it taking so long?

Yours sincerely,

Roger Kann

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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