The Green - Income from parking etc

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Dear Beaumaris Town Council, Anglesey, Could you please inform me of the owners of The Green in Beaumaris and to who benefits from the parking income ?

If The Green is privately owned I accept you may not be able to inform me of the owners or if they receive revenue from the car parking fees.

Yours faithfully,

GK Jones

Beaumaris Town Council, Beaumaris Town Council, Anglesey


Information in relation the the Green, Beaumaris.

Thank you for the request that we received yesterday at 17:32.  We can
cofirm that we are able to respond as we have done so previously to you
due to the fact that Beaumaris Town Council are the legal proprietors of
the Green the same being registered with the HMLR.

As a result the income generated benefits the residents of Beaumaris and
Llanfaes as this enables the preceipt to be kept low.

I trust this answers the two questions.

Kind regards,

Catrin Owen,

Town Clerk

Dear Beaumaris Town Council, Thanks for you quick reply.
Can you confirm if there has been a decision regarding a height barrier to The Green ?
How do the parking staff at The Green payment kiosk differentiate between a "camper van" and a "motor home" for the purposes of obtaining a payment of either £5 or £10 ?
Why are "motorhomes" restricted to the hours of 9am to 9pm yet other vehicles pay £5 for all day ( 24hrs) or £2 if after 6pm ?
It seems someone in a large car ( i.e. Long wheelbase Land Rover / Toyota etc) could stay overnight in their vehicle whereas a motorhome can't. ( According to the signage)

The signage of the Castle Car Park is also discriminatory to visitors with "camper vans", their stay in Beaumaris is limited to 12 hours - which 12 hours are they ?

I look forward to your reply
G K Jones

Yours sincerely,

G K Jones