The Duluth Model of Domestic Violence and Police Constable Training in Surrey Police

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Dear Surrey Police,

In which year did Surrey Police introduce ‘The Duluth Model' (also known as the ‘Domestic Abuse Intervention Program’) into the training program for police constables (PCs) within Surrey Police?

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S. Grove

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!Freedom of Information (Surrey), Surrey Police

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You had asked:

In which year did Surrey Police introduce ‘The Duluth Model' (also known
as the ‘Domestic Abuse Intervention Program’) into the training program
for police constables (PCs) within Surrey Police?

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From 2016 the Domestic Abuse training package incorporated only the Duluth
‘Power and Control wheel’ model, the whole model itself is not
followed/replicated by Surrey Police.

Surrey Police provides you the right to request a re-examination of your
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Dear !Freedom of Information (Surrey),

Surrey Police are thanked for their full response to this FOI request.

The introduction of the "Power and Control wheel" of the Duluth Model into Surrey Police training indicates that post-modern intersectional feminist ideology has entered the Surrey Police service which may alter the way officers investigate crimes, especially crimes perpetrated by women against non-binary people, men and children.

Specifically the Duluth Model views domestic abuse as a gender-based violence by men against women and the model is not based on accurate domestic abuse statistics for example reports from the USA’s Center for Disease Control.

It is hoped that officers will not use the "Power and Control wheel" information/indoctrination as a psychological "confirmation bias" that would, for example, encourage a blindness to the abuse of males perpetrated by females (e.g. filing false police reports, metaphorically “swatting" a victim). It is also hoped that if officers believe that the Duluth Model could have contributed their "confirmation bias" that Surrey Police will respond in a timely way to DPA 2018 subject access requests or follow-up ICO complaint investigations from non-binary/male members of the public who wish to see the officer notebook entries of potentially malicious accusations/reports made against them by females (for example their historically abusive mothers).

Yours sincerely,

S. Grove