The Data and Voice networking systems deployed with Framework Purchasing guidlines

Michael Harrison made this Freedom of Information request to University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

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Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Michael Harrison

Dear University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, H
Can you please provide the following information.
1.0 Exchange Lines
1.1 How many ISDN30 e channels does the University Currently use ( Each ISDN30e Line offers 30 channels).
1.2 How many ISDN2e Lines does the University use.
1.3 How many analogue lines does the University use.
1.4 How many SIP Exchange Lines are in use.
1.5 What is the monthly rental for ISDN30e lines in use.
2.0 Extensions
2.1 How many analogue phones are in use.
2.2 How many digital phones are in use.
2.3 How many IP phones are in use.
2.4 How many SIP phones are in use.
2.5 How many FAX machines are in use.
3.0 Operator Consoles
3.1 How many Consoles are in use.
3.2 How many Screen based Consoles are in use.
4.0 Networking
4.1 How many geographically separate buildings are served by the current phone system.
4.2 How many private circuits are in use.
4.3 Does the trust use DPNSS or QSIG 931 to connect to these geographically separate sites.
4.4 What is the annual rental for these private circuits.
4.5 Does the Hospital voice network via its Wide Area Network.
4.6 If it doe what is the bandwidth allocated for voice.
5.0 Telephone System Brand
5.1 What is the brand name of the current telephone system.
5.2 What is the Annual maintenance and when does the contract come up for renewal.
5.3 Who supplied the current system and who maintains it.

6.0 LAN and WLAN
6.1 What is the Data Networking core based around.
6.2 How many Servers are there.
6.3 How many Ethernet Switches are there by brand type.
6.4 How many Wireless LAN Base Station are there.

7.0 HCA International Hospital.
This new private hospital is to be built at Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Will the Trust be procuring the Data and Voice equipment or is this an HCA action

Yours faithfully,

Michael Harrison