The Conway report

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mark patrick conway

Dear Local Government Ombudsmen,
I wish to report what I believe is a serious fraud but know not whom and how to report. I have been dissatisfied with my broadband services over the past 15 years. Over the period I have used BT. Virgin. Bonline. Sky. And received below the QOS recommend by ofcom. I have made numerous complaints to companies used at the time, also received compensation for the lack of service from said companies. A friend and I starting buying and selling cars online with live public auctions, at the time we was using virgin with a speed of 50mbps, the speed was so slow I purchased a new computer incase it was the computer stopping us being able to bid on live auctions until I come across a advertisement on my emails saying garenteed speed so I contacted them to change to there company "Bonline" whom promised me on recorded telephone conversation that I would have agarenteed speed of 96.2mbps, then confirmed same by email, then repeated it when on telephone with accounts setting up my transfer and setting up of my account. During the time I was using Virgin I started investigating the speed tests that they recommend, the speed tests BT, Virgin, Bonline would use are called ookla and . Bonline in the first month gave me far below the QOS set by ofcom, I complained and soon discovered the staff gave me wrong sales pitch and was sacked for it, never the less I ended my contract with them and folded my growing car company. I have spoken with ofcom, European serious fraud office and find my unable to report what I am about to tell you.
When you activate the speed test somehow the isp is electronically notified that a test has started at the customers ip address or mac address and gives the correct speeds for that account and when the download speed test has finished the speed drops down to sometimes 0mbps and often well below the set QOS. When the download test ends and starts the UP load speed test the speed increases as the previous they fall away at end. I purchased a new computer that has windows 7. Windows 7 allows you to see the speeds received and sent via wifi from the router, when my computer auctions are on they freeze and the readings on the laptop say zero mbps received or sent and then I activate a speed test the speeds return to there proper speeds. I have made this test over a period of six months and 99% have all done the same.
Ofcom is of no good to me as it is not one company I wish to act against as I believe there is a £40 million per month fraud happening in the UK alone. I am not in recipe of any ISP at present as I was sick of what I had found out. It has been a while now and I intend of buying a new computer and making a random selection of ISP, all my calls and texts, emails, communications are recorded and will be daily updated to media networks of your response and others.
Who is the person I can speak with to bring a prosecution against these ISP,so ?

Yours faithfully,
Mark Conway

Foi Officer, The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

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