The City of Cambridge Area G (Consolidation) Order 1993 (Amendment No. 13) Order 1998

The request was successful.

Please could you send me a copy of the Schedule to The City of Cambridge Area G (Consolidation) Order 1993 (Amendment No. 13) Order 1998? The copy that I saw at Castle Court reception on 15th July had a blank page headed "SCHEDULE" but I expect that the original order had some text there.

Thanks in advance.

Ben Harris

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My scan of the Castle Court copy: <>

On 28th July, I sent you a request for some information, namely the schedule to The City of Cambridge Area G (Consolidation) Order 1993 (Amendment No. 13) Order 1998. I had expected to receive a response by today, but I don't seem to have one. Can you confirm that you received the original request?

Ben Harris

ES Business Support, Cambridgeshire County Council

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Dear Mr Harris,

Please find attached the response to your latest requests for


Tamar Blackburn
ES Business Support

<<Mr Harris_ref_396798_400778_ 402898.pdf>>

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Thank you for your swift and helpful responses to my recent requests for information, reference FOI/ES/Ref. 396798/ 400778/ 402898. I am confused by your reference to a letter from Sarah Priestley on 13th July. While I have such a letter in my records (ref FOI 359418, <, it includes no request that I not submit further requests for information.

I apologise for the question about the Hills Road cycle lane. I somehow overlooked Part 3 of Schedule 23 to the Area A order, which clearly establishes this lane.

Ben Harris

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I've dropped in at Castle Court on my way to work from time to time since getting this, but reception there seems to be being refurbished at present. Today, I finally had time to follow the instructions to go to Shire Hall reception instead, and there was told that the documents formerly available for inspection at Castle Court have been mislaid (apart from those relating to the A14).

Happily, reception at Shire Hall got hold of someone at Highways who might be able to provide this order in electronic form. I've e-mailed her, and we'll see what happens.

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I've got the order now: <>