The City Mayor, Joe Anderson, Daniel Hughes PR & the Liverpool Echo.

The request was partially successful.

Mr Thomas Williams

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Dear Liverpool City Council,
Please supply the following information:
The City Mayor, Joe Anderson, Daniel Hughes PR & the Liverpool Echo.

{1.} I am wishing to ask what services Daniel Hughes has been paid for from the Mayor’s office and from Liverpool city council. Has he a full-time appointment with the benefit of substantial allowances or part-time PR and why does the Mayor call him “The prince of Spin”
Daniel Hughes claims to have been the Mayors PR spin doctor who provides strategic media, PR and communications services to prominent individuals.

{2} Is Liverpool city council and the Mayor aware of his other dealing with a few developers in which some are behind these scandalous building schemes?

{3} Is the Mayor aware of Daniel Hughes business dealing with the Liverpool Echo and very close to a few reporters there, who has had substantial information and incriminating evidence with regards to a few developers and that this information may or could be passed to him?

{4} Could the Mayor please try to explain has his office or staff handed over any e-mails files or letters with regards to a few developers as this would be a catastrophic dangerous failure on the part of the council and may put the lives of whistle-blowers and others in danger, as the con men and solicitors would like to find them?

{5} Could the Liverpool city council and the Mayor please state for the record the following connections to:
Mr Kerry Tomlinson – Primesite -Developments Liverpool, and Mr Gary Howard -Fox Street village ltd?
It seems now that the same PR person {Daniel Hughes} is giving advice to, Mr Gary Howard on the {Fox Street Village, some investors would like to ask where the £30 million has gone?

Daniel Hughes claims to have inside connections to both the Echo, the Mayor, the labour party, at the same time work for these developers?
Has the Mayor of Liverpool held any talks or meeting with these two persons in any way over the past ten years?

{6} -Has both the Mayor and Cllr Ann O’Byrne besides talking to the NCA, talked or passed any information to, Christopher Pierce, fraud officer of the Merseyside police, with regards to NPG ltd Chinatown project and the meeting set up with Cllr Gary Millar and Peter McInnes in 2015?

{7} Did a number of Liverpool echo reporters call the Mayor of Liverpool and Cllr Gary Millar to inform them that BBC and CH4 may be doing a report on Chinatown and other building, The leak had first came from Cllr Richard Kemp to the Liverpool Echo.

{7} -Has the Mayor been updated on the news from the Echo?

If as the Liverpool Echo has said law enforcement officials are considering looking into investment fraud in Liverpool.

Then both the Echo and the Mayor’s office must not use these PR persons who may also be double agents, and pass on information to these, solicitor’s, crooks and con men behind these schemes in Liverpool.

I am told other law officials have been looking into this and other related matters but are not authorized to divulge details of the investigation to the press or the public as it’s an ongoing probe.

Staff within your Cunard building and ex-staff have made remarks and wish to give information on the condition of anonymity.
However, this cannot be made public until the crown court case is over in August 2018 {Nigel Russell} a number of lawyers and Ged Fitzgerald, Former Liverpool Council chief executive.

The Mayor, its Members and its officers, have an obligation to exercise due diligence when dealing with PR persons this goes also for the Liverpool Echo.

Any evidence that falls into the wrong hands is dangerous, the Mayor, and the editor of the local Liverpool echo may need to pass it over to the police and not a PR company or close friends who still work within the local newspaper and go out in town together.

Yours faithfully,

Mr T. Williams

Finance and Resources, Liverpool City Council

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Our reference: 604618

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