The Angel pub

Currently waiting for a response from Hillingdon Borough Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Hillingdon Borough Council,
As a local resident , I would like to know who actually is the present owner of the Angel Pub ,Hayes End.
The Hayes Muslim Centre are currently raising funds to buy it. They are a registered charity and their website states that they are at present £200,000 short of the £1.6M that the pub costs to buy and that they will loose their deposit . Having contacted Fullers the previous owners they said it was sold 2 years ago, I contacted the agents Davis Coffer Lyons who verbally told me it had sold for £1M.The property is not registered with the Land Registry as far as I can find out. If the Hayes Muslim Centre already own the property and did buy it for £1M and they are raising funds on their website stating that it cost £1.6M are they raising funds through deception? Can you shed any light on the matter?

Yours faithfully,

Steven Busby