Dear South Ribble Borough Council,

Please can you confirm whether, when planning permission was granted and/or lease terms were agreed between the Council and Tesco, any restrictions were put in place with regard to usage of the car park.

In particular, I wish to know

1. If Tesco are obliged to offer parking to users of facilities other than their store, or if they are entitled to restrict use of their car park to Tesco visitors.

2. Additionally, are Tesco entitled to restrict the time allowed on the car park? Or, was planning permission granted on the basis that no parking enforcement could be taken against anyone parking on the car park?

3. Are Tesco allowed, either through planning permission, or the terms of the lease with the Council, to employ the services of agents, such as a private parking company, to manage the parking?

Many thanks.

Yours faithfully,

sarah graber

Hockenhull, Helen, South Ribble Borough Council

Good afternoon Ms Graber,


I refer to the above FOI request and provide the following information :


As part of the planning approval, there is a legal agreement with Tesco
which  requires the use of the car park on a short stay basis by any
member of the public visiting Leyland Town Centre. Short stay is defined
as up to 3 hours in any 12 hour period.


The agreement also states that a charging regime should not be introduced
unless it is necessary to deter long stay users or to alleviate management
or operational issues for the store and any such regime must first be
 agreed with  the Council.


I hope the above answers your query.



Helen Hockenhull




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