Temporary Spending by School

N Wright made this Freedom of Information request to Leicestershire County Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Leicestershire County Council,

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in the amounts paid by each school in Leicestershire LEA to
third parties in relation to temporary staffing cover. My
hope is to receive an electronic breakdown of amounts paid
through the department's purchase ledger by school.

1. I would like the information in electronic format. This should
avoid any printing cost issues.
2. In order to avoid your having to collate information from
peripheral systems, I am willing to accept information only from
your main system (I would like you to advise which system this is).
By main system I mean the system that handles the largest part of
the department's expenditure. If supplier payments are
made through separate systems, then I would like you to choose the
main system for each.
3. The information I require for each school is: School Name; Supplier name and total amount paid.
4. I would like the information to cover the year 2008/9. I will
accept 2007/8 figures if this is not possible.

Yours faithfully,

N Wright

Leicestershire County Council

N Wright
[FOI #28964 email]



FOI Request Number :1751
Description :Temporary Spending by School

Dear N Wright

I can confirm that some of the information requested is held by Leicestershire County Council. We are unable to provide the names of suppliers as this data is held by the schools. You can find contact details for these schools on our website:

The remainder of the information requested is available from http://www.leicsfoi.org.uk/disclosureLog....

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Yours sincerely

Andrew Williams