Temporary Promotions Department for Communities

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Please provide me with the following information regarding Department for Communities
a. the number of staff currently on temporary promotion within DFC,
b. of this number please specify their area within the department, their substantive grade, the temporary grade as well as the current duration they have been temporary promoted. Also advise how long this temporary promotion is likely to continue for.
c. advise which steps have been taken to fill these posts with officers at the substantive grade, and if longer than 6 months, the reasons for continuing to keep them filled by temporary promotions.

Thank you
Mr K Nicholls.

NICS HR Information Requests, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Roisin Liddy | HR Support/Specialist Services

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NICS HR FOI, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Mr Nicholls,


Please find attached response to your recent Freedom of Information





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