Teenage Girls neglected in care of Birmingham

Care Quality Commission did not have the information requested.

Dear Care Quality Commission,

1.In relation to 13 year old girls in the care of Birmingham Local
Authority, how many are placed in:
A. Foster Placements
B. childrens homes
C. Outside the Local authority area.
D. In mental hospital detained under the mental health act

2. What measures are taken to ensure 13 year old girls are
protected from:
A. Underage sex and Pregnancy
B. drug and alcohol abuse
C. Self harming
D. Lack of education

3. How are those with parental responsibility consulted and
informed and of their 13 year old daughter's care?

4. How many 13 year old girls now accommodated by Birmingham are not attending school?

5. How many 13 year old girls in care of Birmingham have run away from Local Authority care since 1 Jan 2014?

Yours faithfully,


Information Access, Care Quality Commission

Dear Sophie

Further to you request CQC does not have legal responsibility for the care of children. This responsibility lies with the local authority under powers given to them by the Children Act 1989 and Children Act 2004. CQC does have a role in regulating Mental Health provision, however we would hold no information in relation to point 1D of your request.

CQC does not hold the information you are seeking and we would suggest you contact the Local Authorities in question. We have provided similar advice and assistance to you in previous requests.

I have also noted that you have not provided your full name, and whilst CQC would not object to responding to a requester who only provides their first name, if you were to challenge any FOI decision to the ICO, they may not investigate your complaint on that basis.

It would therefore be in your interests to ensure you provide your full name when making a request for recorded information.

I hope this response and the advice and assistance provided is helpful to you.

Kind Regards

Russell Wynn

Senior Information Access Officer
Legal Services & Information Rights
Care Quality Commission
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Telephone: 0191 233 3587
Internal: 333587
Fax: 03000 200 240

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