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Dear NET Academies Trust,

I should like to request the following information: the number of teaching staff that are taken on, each year, to the Trust between 15 June and 1 August each year and receive salary payments over the August period. Please also provide a breakdown of the cost to the Trust of these staff in terms of Salary/NI/Pension. Please provide this for each year from 2012.

Additionally, please provide a breakdown of the cost per year of any additional recruitment/joining bonus paid to new teaching staff to the trust.

I should receive these in electronic format at this email address.

It would be helpful if you were to provide any brief notes which might be necessary to understand the context of the information provided, although I recognise that you are not obliged to do this. If for any reason you feel this request is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are not the appropriate authority for this request, or for part of it, please let me know as soon as is convenient.

If the information requested contains sections of confidential information, please blank out or remove these sections, and mark clearly that they have been removed.

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,


Jen Taaffe, NET Academies Trust

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Dear Billy,


The following information is provided in response to your FOI request of
7th April 2018:



Please note we can only provide records where we hold the information.  We
do not hold this information before the academies transferred into our
trust, i.e. for Battle Primary Academy pre- January 2013, for Henry Hinde
before January 2014, for Keresley Newland before March 2015,  for Latton
Green, Abbotsweld and Longwood Primary Academies before January 2015 and
for Katherines Primary Academy before July 2017.  For information
pre-academisation please contact the local authority who previously
maintained the school. 




Jen Taaffe

[1]1517249810521_PastedImage Chief Operating Officer

NET Academies Trust

Address: Latton Green Primary Academy,
Riddings Lane, Harlow, Essex CM18 7HT

Phone: 01279 421 567

Email: [email address]

Website: [2]www.netacademies.net


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Registered Charity No. 1112893

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