Teaching on sex, gender and gender identity in initial teacher education

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Dear Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh,

I would like to request the following information under FOISA.

Have any of the following groups been involved in any capacity in delivering initial teacher education (ITE) at Queen Margaret University, including through the direct provision of workshops, lectures or seminars, training of ITE staff, curriculum planning and/or other means?

Time for Inclusive Education
Stonewall (including Stonewall Scotland)
LGBT Youth Scotland
Gendered Intelligence
Transgender Trend
LGB Alliance

If yes, please provide details of involvement (e.g. on which programme/s, number of sessions taught etc.), including copies of supporting material (e.g. slides etc) where these are available.

Will any of the above groups be involved in ITE in any capacity this academic year? If yes, please provide details as above.

Are any of the above groups involved in ongoing planning for ITE? If yes, please provide as much detail on type of involvement as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Y Alexander

Freedom of Information Act, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

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Freedom of Information Act, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

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Dear Y Alexander,

Please find the University's response to your request for information attached.

Best wishes,

Queen Margaret University
East Lothian, EH21 6UU

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Dear Freedom of Information Act team,

Thank you for your helpful response to my recent FOI request.

Yours sincerely,

Y Alexander