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Department of Energy and Climate Change did not have the information requested.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to make a FOI request for information on the number of times Mr Milliband has traveled on aircraft since he became climate change mnister and how much this has cost. I also want to know what Mr Millibands ' CABON FOOTPRINT' is with all the flights he takes. I am also interested if Mr Mlliband has a government car and how many miles he has travelled in that car and how many times he uses the train and bus to travel around in the course of his duties.I also would like to know if Mr Milliband travels first class or economy class. Finally can you please let me know if Mr Milliband will traveling to the climate change conference in Denmark later this year on an aircraft.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Hutton

FOI Requests,

Dear Mr Hutton,
Thank you for your request for information which we have received in the
Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Your request has been
passed on to the appropriate official to deal with.

Best wishes,
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Aluko Nicholas (DECC MPST), Department of Energy and Climate Change

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Dear Mr Hutton,

Please find attached our reply to your FOI request. Scanned version only,
a hard copy will not follow this email.

<<FOI ref 09 1487 - Carbon Footprint-Travel - reply.pdf>>



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