Targets for PCN per shift or unit of time

Clive Carter made this Freedom of Information request to Haringey Borough Council

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Dear Haringey Borough Council,

Performance targets:
Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

1. What are the targets for the issuance of PCNs by Haringey's Civil Enforcement Officers please, either by shift, by hour or by other measure of time?

2. Has this target (or targets) altered over time?

3. Is there any minimum rate of issue, or minimum number of PCNs issued, that is acceptable to the Council?

4. Do Parking Services, as a whole, have any form of target to reach in terms of income from PCNs for the Council?

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Clive Carter

FOI, Haringey Borough Council

Dear Mr Carter


Freedom of Information / Environmental Information Regulations Request:
Reference LBH/0800012


I acknowledge your request for information received on 14 June 2012.


This information request will be dealt with in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations and we
will send the response by 12 July 2012


If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 8489 2550 or
[email address].


Yours sincerely


Cheryl Carnegie

Feedback Response Officer

Feedback & Information Governance | 020 8489 2550




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Rice Irene, Haringey Borough Council

Dear Mr Carter


Thank you for your Information requested to which i have responded to each
of your questions in turn below.


1. What are the targets for the issuance of PCNs by Haringey's

     Civil Enforcement Officers please, either by shift, by hour or by

     other measure of time?


There are no targets for our CEOs. We expect them to carry out their
duties as trained and issue penalty notices in accordance with our
enforcement policy.


     2. Has this target (or targets) altered over time?


Not applicable


     3. Is there any minimum rate of issue, or minimum number of PCNs

     issued, that is acceptable to the Council?




     4. Do Parking Services, as a whole, have any form of target to

     reach in terms of income from PCNs for the Council?


Traffic Management do for the sake of financial prudence set a budget
which includes assumptions of income, primarily based on previous years
income. Where significant changes such as increased charges for PCNs,
(following Department of Transport approval)  these are also factored in.


If you wish to apply for an internal review of the information provided,
or to complain about the way your request was handled (please note you
should do this within two months of receiving this response) please

Haringey Council

Feedback and Information Governance Team

River Park House

225 High Road


N22 8HQ

Telephone: 020 8489 2550

Email: [email address]


Kind Regards


Irene Rice

Quality & Systems Officer

Traffic Management - Single Frontline


020 8489 1364

07964 122 827

[email address]



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Clive Carter left an annotation ()

THE above answer caused an anonymous Haringey employee—concerned with its veracity—to leak to me two internal emails (below, several names redacted).

The Ham & High newspaper put them to the council's press office and their authenticity was not denied. Article here:


2008 – INTERNAL EMAIL (leaked)

From: Paul A Cox

Sent: 10 April 2008 07:43


CC: XXXX Cunningham Ann

Subject: Operations performance for 2008/09


We are able to have an overview of what targets we have to aim at for the forthcoming year, this includes “On Street” and CCTV.

“On Street”.
Overall target, 121,632 for the year. This equates to 10,136 per month or 362 PCNs per day. If we have our aim of 25 CEO’s on the street this means individual performance is 14.48 per day.

We are not far off this target, the key is increasing our staff level from the current 53 (as of today’s figures), we have been allowed to up to 64 CEO’s. The shortfall in staff is being addressed with CV’s obtained and interviews happening in the next few weeks.

In addition we are changing our coverage of the CPZs, review3ed and changing the beats, three new supervisors and focusing on the “On Street” supervision of the CEO’s. We must not take our eye off the ball, we can achieve the target if we all work together as a team. Any problems must be highlighted at an early stage so that we can address and not lose performance, new ideas should be brought forward, tried, tested, we must remain flexible and adapt to the ever changing circumstances.

CCTV and Smart Cars
The target for the year is 87,360 for the year. This equates to 7280 per months or 260 PCN’s per day. W are confident that we can achieve this target given that we taking [sic] on new operators, return of a CCTV manager and the new cameras coming on line.

We have also agreed a new policy for the smart cars that allows them in certain circumstances to park using a dispensation.

We have no fixed target for removals, however we must be looking for at least 12/15 per day. Although there has been an effect from the TMA, we have re-written the removal policy. Greater supervision, clear direction and focus will increase our performance in this area.



2010 – INTERNAL EMAIL (leaked)

From: Simon Heffer
Sent: 07 May 2010 14:48
Subject: On-Street Performance – from Ann Cunningham

This is very important.

I have had a managers' meeting with Ann this morning, to discuss performance across the whole of Parking Services. What came out of the ‘On-Street’ performance was that a number of CEOs are regularly not performing, to the average expectation (not target) of PCN numbers, for their Beats. Each daily sheet shows who is and who is not matching this expectation. Importantly, in respect of good performance, please congratulate the 'achieving' Team CEOs.

But, a continued, lack of performance means either dismissal for an Agency CEO or 'Conduct and Capability' for a Haringey Council employee. I have been instructed that written Development Plans must be provided and that Ann wants to see these, from each Supervisor.

Team Supervisors
You must look at the last two months’ worth of weekly stats, for your Team CEOs, to establish who is underachieving, to the average Beat figures - and the final weekly totals. We must be looking at a figure of at least 9-10 PCNs, for each tour of duty.

You must also review the Pocket Books - for your CEOs - and their Tour Logs. If you don't know how to access these, please speak with XXXX XXXX and ask him to explain this process. I want every Supervisor to be able to both obtain and interrogate these Tour Logs.

You must interview each CEO and ask why their figures are below the expectation levels and detail the responses:

A. If it is remedial training which is either requested or required, please provide it.

B. If it is a lack of knowledge of the Beats, then provide your experience and guidance.

C. If there are other issues, then please promptly address these.

You must also go on-street and detail what you have seen and provide detailed 1-2-1s. Then you must undertake follow-up 1-2-1s. If there is no improvement, then discuss this with me, so we can set up a further Development Meeting and Plan.

Ann wants me to provide these plans to her, on a weekly basis. So, I want your Development Plans by 10am Friday 15 May.