Swimming pool assistant

Michael Marshn made this Freedom of Information request to University of Winchester

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University of Winchester did not have the information requested.

Dear University of Winchester,

Could I please have clarification to if you have a Pool Technical Operator, who is responsible for caring, taking samples, back washing and looking over the upkeep/maintenance of the pool?

How many Pool Technical Operators are employed?

What is the salary of a Pool Technical Operators?

Do the employees who are responsible for the swimming pool restricted to just caring for the pool only or are they expected to maintain other buildings that are owned by the university?

Yours faithfully,


Stephen Dowell, University of Winchester

Dear Michael,

The University of Winchester does not have a swimming pool and so therefore does not employ Pool Technical Operators.

With regards


Stephen Dowell
Clerk to the Board of the Governors and Compliance and Data Protection Officer
University of Winchester
SO22 4NR

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