Dear Ministry of Defence,

I sent this request off on the 28 September 2018 After nearly two years and six months I have not seen or been notified of any reply, which you are lawfully obliged to do after 20-40 days.


I am writing to request information regarding a military exercise that took place in the fields of Pentyrch adjacent to Tyn y coed road at the rear of the Sarn estate, between 1st February 2016 and 30th April 2016.

1. Local residents were told they were conducting a military exercise in case of an emergency situation, why were the residents not told the military were conducting an exercise there?

2.why were the soldiers carrying automatic weapons that did not have a yellow cap in the end of the barrel implying they were carrying live rounds?

3, men wearing forensic white paper suits were seen searching the fields, so if there was a risk of contamination to the team, was there not a risk to local residents?

4.why were the military in the fields of Pentyrch during this time?

Yours faithfully,

Gary Jones

UKStratCom-Secretariat (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Jones,


Please see the attached letter in response to your recent Freedom of
Information Request.




Kind Regards


Strategic Command