Summary: I am interested in your AP spend management processes

George Curson made this Freedom of Information request to NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group

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Dear NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group,

FOI Request:  
Format to be sent back: Please respond with electronic copies/email 

• What is your current invoice process for handling supplier invoices, from receipt to when its posted in the ERP and ready for payment?
• What systems do you use for managing and processing invoices and catalogues
• How many invoices were processed in FY19-20?
• In what format do you currently receive invoices?
• Do you print your emailed or pdf invoices?
• Do Accounts Payable check every invoice received?
• What is the current split between PO and non PO invoices?
• If you have an invoice matching process, is this automated or manual?
• How many FTE's do you have in your AP team who process invoices?
• What % of invoices were paid late in FY19-20?
• What processes or solutions do you have in place for employees to submit and reclaim expenses?
• How many expense claims were submitted by employees in FY19-20?
• Do you use OCR (optical character recognition) to scan invoices and/or expenses?
• Have there been investigations relating to expense compliance in your organisation in the last 24 months? If so, how many?
• What's the total number of employees across the CCG, any GPs and services you support?
Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards,