Submission re Leasehold Retirement Homes Exit Fees

Roy Payne made this Freedom of Information request to Office of Fair Trading

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Office of Fair Trading.

Dear Office of Fair Trading,
Please supply a copy of the Submission made by, or on behalf of, Retirement Villages Ltd in response to the instigation of an enquiry by The Office of Fair Trading into the practice of charging exit fees on the sale of leasehold retirement homes.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Payne
Secretary, Blagdon Village Residents'Association
70 Sherford Lodge
Kinglake Drive
Taunton TA1 3RR

Mary Linacre, Office of Fair Trading

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Dear Mr Payne

Please find attached acknowledgement to your FOI request.

Mary Linacre

Mary Linacre| Information Access & Records Management Team | Business Services | Office of Fair Trading
Fleetbank House | 2-6 Salisbury Square | London EC4Y 8JX | T: 0 20 7211 8802 |
[email address]

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Dear Mary Linacre,
Submission re Leasehold Retirement Homes Exit Fees
ref IAT/FOIA/141102
According to your acknowledgement of this request I should have received a reply by 25th February but none has been forthcoming. Please either reply forthwith or explain the reason for this continuing delay

Yours sincerely,

Roy Payne

Mary Linacre, Office of Fair Trading

I am currently out of the office.  Please send any emails concerning file
requests to Records Management Helpdesk or ring Antonio Fernandes on Ext
8407. For any other queries please ring Nigel Bussey on ext 8735 or Ian
Bennett on ext 8801. Please note that your email has not been forwarded.

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recorded for legal purposes.

Ian Levey, Office of Fair Trading

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Dear Mr Payne

Please see attached response. We apologise for the delay.

I Levey
Goods and Consumer Group

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