Sub-contracting of online STI testing by NHS community healthcare trusts and similar organisations

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Dear Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust,

Contracts for remote or online sexual health testing

We are researching the use of online sexual health testing services. These services allow citizens concerned that they may have a sexually transmitted infection to order a test kit to be sent to their home, and then to either self-test at home, or return a sample to the laboratory, receive a result usually via email or text message, and to obtain medicines and further advice if required.
Please answer the following questions in relation to online sexual health services.

1a. Does the authority have a contract to provide sexual health services? If Yes, list which local authorities or other clients it currently has a contract with.
b. Does the authority sub-contract online sexual health testing services as part of any of the contracts in your response to 1a.

2. In each of the financial periods 2021-22, 2022-23, April 2023 to December 2023
a. How much did the authority spend on online testing services
b. How many citizens were tested using online services

3. How much was spent (by the authority or predecessor organisations) in each period with each of the following providers for online sexual health services
a. Preventx
b. SH 24
c. TDL or their NHS joint venture, Health Service Laboratories
d. Viapath
e. Synlab or their joint venture, Synnovis
f. Lloyd’s pharmacy
g. NHS Trusts/ their laboratory services
h. Other. Please name any provider where the spend in any year exceeded £100,000

4. When did the authority last issue a tender for these services

5. When does the current contract expire

Yours faithfully,

Richard Brown

FOI (MCT), Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Good morning Richard,

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FOI (MCT), Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Mr Brown

Thank you for your recent request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please find attached the Trust’s response.

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