SUA : Chief Exec (Acting) email about Gurpreet Anand departing

Slough Times 01753-511911 made this Freedom of Information request to Slough Borough Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Waiting for an internal review by Slough Borough Council of their handling of this request.

Slough Times 01753-511911

Good Afternoon Slough Council,

(1) I herewith request Slough Unitary Authority to reveal the following information:-

(a) the date of Mr Parkin's all-users email entitled "Gurpreet Anand, AD procurement and commercial services"

(b) the identity of the author of the text, or of a substantial amount of the text constituting the major of the email message.

(2) Since 1 January 2016, on how many occasions have departing, or leaving or sacked, employees written their own council endorsed references ?

(3) Did Mr Anand agree to remove or erase complaints about a councillor sending "porn" from his council mobile phone and about a councillor receiving Housing Benefit applying to buy her council home or was Mr Anand's successor Monitoring Officer Mrs Walker responsible for the "disappearance" of those officially recorded complaints ?

(4) All other information relating to these matters will be most gratefully received.

Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

P Janik
News reporter
Slough Times

Slough Borough Council

Your email has not reached the intended recipient and has been quarantined for containing profanity.

It will be held in quarantine for 7 days when it will be deleted automatically.

Message Details:
From: [FOI #420393 email]
To: [Slough Borough Council request email]
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 14:26:11 +0100

Subject: Freedom of Information request - SUA : Chief Exec (Acting) email about Gurpreet Anand departing

If you think this is in error please forward this error message to [email address]

If you have any problems please contact the Slough Borough Council IT Service desk on 01753 875090 and supply the following information:

1) Your email address.
2) The email address of the intended recipient.
3) The reason the email has been blocked (this can be found in the subject line of this message).


IS&T Services
Slough Borough Council

Slough Times 01753-511911

Hallo Slough Council,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Slough Borough Council's handling of my FOI request 'SUA : Chief Exec (Acting) email about Gurpreet Anand departing'.

I am alarmed that Slough Council supplied mobile phones are used to send sexually explicit images yet when I enquire about a related matter my FOI request is refused "for containing profanity".

Once again poorly performing council staff transferred at public expense to poorly performing Arvato appear to lack the skills to properly operate the council's computer systems. I do not believe prolonging this incredible mess is in the public interest.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

I remain most disappointed with the council's performance and attitude and lack optimism about possible improvement.

P Janik
News reporter
Slough Times

FOI, Slough Borough Council

Thank you for your email.


Providing excellent customer services is one of the council’s key


Your enquiry will now be forwarded to the relevant department to answer.


We will reply fully to all written enquiries within 10 working days
although we aim to reply to emails sooner than this.


If your enquiry is a Freedom of Information request, the council may take
up to 20 working days to respond.



If you do not receive a satisfactory response by this time you can contact
our complaints department. More details here:


'Disclaimer: You should be aware that all e-mails received and sent by
this Organisation are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and
therefore may be disclosed to a third party. (The information contained in
this message or any of its attachments may be privileged and confidential
and intended for the exclusive use of the addressee).  The views expressed
may not be official policy but the personal views of the originator.  If
you are not the addressee any disclosure, reproduction, distribution,
other dissemination or use of this communication is strictly prohibited. 
If you received this message in error please return it to the originator
and confirm that you have deleted all copies of it. All messages sent by
this organisation are checked for viruses using the latest antivirus
products.  This does not guarantee a virus has not been transmitted.  
Please therefore ensure that you take your own precautions for the
detection and eradication of viruses.'


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Slough Witch left an annotation ()

I can't wait to find out which part of Mr Janik's request contains a profanity.

Despite checking every part of it against that great authority, Roger Mellie's 'Profanisaurs' I cannot locate the offending words.

Perhaps someone else with a more comprehensive lexicon can shed some light on the mystery.

Slough Frog left an annotation ()

Dear Nice Witch,

None of us on the lake understand those unhappy worried chiefs on Montem Hill. My cousin says they invent things so strange that neither humans nor us sweet and kind creatures can understand. My aunt says its probably something connected to their "excellence in customer services" achievement but my uncle says that is impossible because they don't have proper services because they throw-out all their good workers. Can anyone explain the Montem Hill logic. It is really baffling. Has something gone fundamentally wrong?

Any chance of a go on your new broomstick? Please, please, please.


Slough Witch left an annotation ()

Ha! Ha! You can tell your aunt that the bit about excellent customer service is meant to add a little levity to an otherwise dire situation. No one could possibly be expected to believe they really mean it.

I am sure they dismiss customers who complain for lacking 'a sense of humour'. I am sure they spend hours laughing at their own 'jokes'.

Morgana told me she has observed one person in the house of St Martin who loves to play the 'Clown Prince'. Unfortunately, he has a shocking inability to laugh when the joke is on him. In fact, he isn't very jolly at all. Quite the reverse, he can be very nasty indeed.

Slough Frog left an annotation ()

Dear Nice, Clever and Articulate Broomstick Rider,

Any chance of a go on your new broomstick please?

I heard alarm bells ringing on Montem Hill yesterday afternoon. Seems someone with inside information was emailing all councillors about this Mr Anand and seems to be alleging bribery, coercion, corruption, serious complaints disappearing and misconduct in public office to shut Mr Anand up. Seems he knows what has been going on in the west wing. Can't be sure because its a lot of details for a small frog like me to remember. One thing I think I recall is the Clown Prince's loyal aide was emailing all those same councillors saying they should ignore the serious goings on and forget about them.

Never heard anything like this on the south side of the river.


Slough Witch left an annotation ()

Of course you may ride on my broomstick dear frog.

You must be sure to wear a crash helmet though. We fly high in the sky to keep my darling familiars as far as possible from the foetid stench coming from the house of St Martin. I worry so for their health and wellbeing.

Slough Frog left an annotation ()

Oh thank you dear wonderful lady witch.

I can't get a crash helmet exactly my size but will a hollowed-out cricket ball do instead?

I did notice the vegetation on Montem Hill has turned brown as if it was dying off. Do you think the cause is leachate from St Martin's? They do a lot of poisonous stuff there. Odette was saying something about a top St Martiner abusing one of their elected folk. Used a nasty word the rumour goes.


Slough Witch left an annotation ()

That sounds disgusting dear frog and not at all environmentally friendly. I suggest all lake and forest creatures take great care not to become contaminated.

Poor St Martin himself must be spinning in his grave at what is going on in his house.

The dragon flies were so worried about their sad elected friend. He told them that a bossy and domineering person had called him by a nasty name. The dragon flies called on their friends, the damsel flies and they performed a special flight dance and sprinkled their elected friend with sparkle dust. That seemed to perk him up a little. They said he seems very worried though.

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