Student data: equality monitoring

Jen Persson made this Freedom of Information request to Office for Students

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Office for Students,

Please provide the following information in accordance with the FOI Act 2000, and as of the date of receipt.

The number of students’ equality monitoring characteristics for data at individual level, held by the OfS in each category of monitoring, broken out by:

A) type (ie religion, sexual orientation and all other categories)
B) source year
C) source from which the data came to the OfS
D) a register of all recipients or those who have had access via the OfS ie. the OfS third party data access and distribution register (or link to this if published online )
E) the terms of reference and/or policy document on decisions of how use is made /access granted (or link to this if published online )
E) a copy of the data protection impact assessment for such data held, including the name of the database


Jen Persson

Abby Reeder, Office for Students

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Dear Jen,

Thank you for your request for information, this is to acknowledge your
request received on the 27^th November 2019. We will respond to you within
20 working days.  

Best Wishes,


FOI Team | Governance | 0117 931 7292 | 
[1] | Twitter [2]@officestudents | Team
Administrator | Resources, Finance and Transformation | 0117 931 7181
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FOI, Office for Students

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Dear Ms Persson,


Re: FOI Response 2019-175-FOI


Thank you for your recent FOI request. Attached please find the following
documents in response to your request:

o Counts.xlsx – this is a table of protected characteristics against
year and the number of data collections we hold that contain that
characteristic at the individual level.
o Summary.json – this is the data file used to generate Counts.xlsx,
containing additional information such as the full name of the source.
o Draft Data Protection Impact Assessment
o Response letter


Best wishes,


FOI Team | Governance | 0117 931 7292 | 
[1] | Twitter [2]@officestudents |  




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FOI, Office for Students

Dear Ms Persson,


Thank you for your telephone enquiry. Here is our response to your
clarification questions.


o Question E: terms of reference and/or policy document – do we hold a
policy document or similar for this?

We don’t have any formal documentation. Data sharing needs a Data Sharing
Agreement (DSA) and the Director would need to sign the data sharing
agreement under our Scheme of Delegation (SoD). Here is a link to our
Scheme of Delegation (SoD):


o Annex B: Refusal Notices, Section 12 - the requester highlighted that
this section is a bit unclear. Specifically they wanted clarification
on the following:
“For student numbers, we have insufficient data to derive the
individuals from ERFD, FESR and USR.”
What do the abbreviations stand for, and does the sentence mean that
the data within these datasets is not personally identifiable?


The acronyms stand for ‘Exam Results and First Destination Survey’,
‘Further Education Statistical Record’ and ‘Universities Statistical
Record’ respectively. These are historical collections from 1988-1994.


All datasets returned in the FOI are individual-level datasets with
protected characteristics. They contain rows of student instances, in
which a person may appear multiple times. With more recent student data we
are able to cross-reference with other data sources that contain
sufficient information (i.e. student names) to infer individuals and avoid
double-counting. These historical collections do not contain names, so
this cross-referencing method is not possible. They do contain other
demographic details that may theoretically enable the identification of
individuals when combined with other data, but we do not hold such data
and are therefore unable to provide student numbers.


Best wishes,


FOI Team | Governance | 0117 931 7292 | 
[2] | Twitter [3]@officestudents |  



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