Street Clutter

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Dear South Norfolk District Council,

Following on from the Secretary of State's announcement asking all
local authorities to work on removing street clutter on 26 August
can you tell me

a) how much money you spent on removing "street furniture,
including bollards, posts and guardrail since 26 August 2010 and
1st July 2013 within your local government area.
b) how many items of street furniture have been removed from your
streets since 26 August 2010 and 1st July 2013 in your local
government area.
c) how many items of "street furniture, including bollards, posts
and guardrail have been installed since 26 August 2010 in your
local government area.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Harvey


Dear Ian,

South Norfolk Council is a District Council and as such is not the highway authority that covers the area - this is the responsibility of Norfolk County Council. In order to answer your request in terms of the limited information we have, I have liaised with our Car Park Manager who has advised that she is not aware of any "street clutter" being removed from any of our car parks. Therefore, I think that Norfolk County Council will be able to provide you with a comprehensive response that covers our District. If you have not already sent your response to the County Council, you should forward your request to the following email address: [email address].

I hope this is of assistance and is sufficient to meet your requirements, but if, for whatever reason you wish to get back to me, please feel free to do so. In particular if you are unhappy with the information provided or how your request was handled please let me know and I will explain how you can request an internal review of our decision.

Please quote FOI 13-238 in any further correspondence concerning this request.

Emma Nangle
Information Rights Officer
South Norfolk Council
Long Stratton Norwich
NR15 2XE

Tel: 01508 533747
Email: [South Norfolk District Council request email]

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