Stray dogs

The request was partially successful.

Dear Bassetlaw District Council,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am contacting you to request the following information regarding stray dogs.

• How many stray dogs entered pounds between 1st January 2012 and
31st December 2012?
• How many of these were reclaimed by their owners?
• How many were adopted from the pound?
• How many went to an animal rescue?
• How many were destroyed?
• What happened to any remaining dogs that did not fall into above

Yours faithfully,

R Shaw

Melissa Bussey, Bassetlaw District Council

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Good Morning


Please find attached a response to your recent Freedom of Information





Melissa Bussey
Admin Officer (Env Services)
[1]Bassetlaw District Bassetlaw District Council Hundred Acre Lane,
Council Carlton Forest, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0TS
T: 01909 534135
W: [2]

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