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E Farrell made this Freedom of Information request to Land and Property Services (Northern Ireland)

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The request was successful.

Dear Land and Property Services (Northern Ireland),

Please explain at what point rate debt becomes statute-barred. Please provide the legislative authority for your answer.

Yours faithfully,

E Farrell

Good afternoon,


The Department of Finance acknowledges receipt of your request for
information – your reference number is DOF/2022-0104. In line with FOI/EIR
legislation, the department has up to 20 working days to respond to your
request and therefore you should expect a response no later than


The department’s [1]Right to Know leaflet provides an outline of your
rights under the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information
Regulations, and explains how your request will be dealt with.  You can
also read the department’s [2]Information Access Requests Privacy Notice.


Please note, information released by the Department of Finance in response
to Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations
requests is routinely published on the department’s [3]FOI/EIR Disclosure






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Good morning


Please see attached response to your recent request for information.