Dear Department for Transport,

I attempted to process the 2018 stats19 data which has been published here:

However the data has been saved in the wrong format making analysis impossible. In both the Accident and Casualty data, the Accident Index has been stored in scientific notation, for example "2.01801E+12" with only the first 6 digits available.

Please could you make this data available to me with the accident index as normal decimal?

Yours faithfully,

Ian Belchamber

Dear Department for Transport,

Although I have not heard from you I had a look at the data again and it seem to have been corrected now.

So no further action is needed on this,

Yours faithfully,

Ian Belchamber

ROADACC STATS, Department for Transport

Hi Ian,


Thank you for your enquiry.


The open dataset accident references are stored as a string. If it is
appearing as scientific notation, you will need to change the format of
this column/variable, and then the entirety of the string will be
available to you.


Kind regards,


Alex Ma


Tel: 020 7944 6595


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