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Diana Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Legal Aid Agency

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Dear Legal Aid Agency,
under the FOIA , can you please supply statistics of how many staff members have been investigated regarding conflict matters in the years since the inception of The Equality Act 2010. Please supply details of the departments and heads of those departments that investigate the issues involved with conflict matters and the statistics to prove sucessful decline in the numbers investigated in the last two years. I make this request as a matter of due process and of public interest to the whole evolvement of such Acts and the necessary changes that result from them,

Yours faithfully,

Diana Smith

MOJHR Correspondence, Legal Aid Agency

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Dear Diana Smith,


Please find attached request for clarification in response to your FOI


Regards, MoJ HR Correspondence


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Dear MOJHR Correspondence,
I find it worrying to the involvement of the MOJHR and it now creates a further tier to my FOIA request.
1) What connections do the MOJ share with "Experian"?
2) Are jobs advertised internally to allow borders of the involved agencies with "connections " to take an option of applying for such jobs?
To be clear according to a ruling published in law pages of The Times Newspapers , conflict matters can still arise if the post is an unpaid one

Yours sincerely,

Diana Smith

Data Access & Compliance Unit, Legal Aid Agency

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Dear Diana Smith,

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

In response to your Freedom of Information (FOI) request 110304 the MoJ asked for clarification regarding the term 'conflict matters' which you used in your FOI request. The clarification letter also asked if you could define the scope of your request. I have attached our response to FOI 110304 to this email.

In reply to this, your most recent correspondence which is the below email, asks two new questions but does not clarify what you mean by 'conflict matters'. Unfortunately the two questions in your email below also need to be clarified.

For question 1, can you please clarify what information exactly you are after in regards to Experian. What do you mean by 'connections'?

For question 2, can you clarify what information you are requesting, are you asking for a recruitment policy document or something else?. It may be useful to note that an FOI request has to be a request for a document or a piece of information that is held by the department.

For the MoJ to process your request further, you will need to clarify the points raised in our response to your FOI 110304 and/or you will need to clarify question 1 and 2 from your recent correspondence. Once you have clarified what information you are requesting we will be able to process your request.

Kind Regards,


Tom Currie | Assistant Disclosure Specialist | Communication and Information Directorate | Ministry of Justice, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ | | @MoJGovUK | @MoJPress

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