Statistics on victimless crimes

John Badger made this Freedom of Information request to Northumbria Police Authority

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Northumbria Police Authority did not have the information requested.

Dear Northumbria Police Authority,

Could you give me the detailed figures (spreadsheet if possible)for all police raids on houses suspected of growing cannabis, also detailing all other types of premises which are raided and how many of these raids found "NO" cannabis growing and dates since 2005 or early as possible.

Also on the houses raided how many claims were:

1. made for damage to property
2. the amounts paid out on each claim
3. how long it took to pay their claims.
4. the amounts claimed for each occasion.
5. who paid these claims? (insurance company/force budget)
6. if so which company was it (and the yearly premium paid)

7. could you also separate each local divisions yearly spend on such safeguards against people committing such victimless crimes as growing cannabis for personal use and those who are growing on a large commercial scale for profit.

8. Could you also break down the annual budget set aside for harmful crimes against harmless crimes where there is no victim such as growing cannabis and traffic offences such as speeding tickets and other victimless road traffic offences and the like.

9. how many arrests were made each year from 2005 for victimless crimes and how many were charged and how many were convicted of these charges.

Yours faithfully,

John Badger

CS Enquiries.NPA, Northumbria Police Authority

Dear Mr Badger,
Thank you for your request. This information is held by Northumbria
Police. Your request should, therefore, be directed to the following

Disclosure Section
Northumbria Police Headquarters
North Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE20 0BL

Or email: [email address]


Richard Hall
Policy Team
Northumbria Police Authority
Direct Tel: 0191 433 2094
Email: [email address]

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