Statistics on rehousing survivors or victims of domestic abuse

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Dear Bristol City Council,

Please provide statistics, broken down by year, for the numbers of survivors/victims of domestic abuse rehoused by BCC, 2007-2013.

Please also indicate the waiting time each, between application and rehousing.

Please also provide statistics for the total number of applications made by survivors/victims of domestic abuse for rehousing by BCC, 2007-2013.

Finally, by what criteria and with reference to what statutory obligations does BCC judge such applications?

Yours faithfully,

David Cinzano

Freedom of Information, Bristol City Council

Thank you for your request for information. You should expect to receive a
response within the 20 day working limit.

Dear Bristol City Council,

The deadline for this request was today, but I have heard nothing from you on it.

Please respond in full TODAY, or explain why not you have not fulfilled your obligations under the law.

Yours faithfully,

David Cinzano

Freedom of Information, Bristol City Council

Dear Mr Cinzano

I apologise for the delay. I will forward your email chasing a response to your requests for information on to the officer delegated to respond. As soon as a response is received it will be posted on WDTK.


Freedom of Information team

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Chris Harper, Bristol City Council

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Dear Mr Cinzano. Thank you for your FOI request concerning domestic
violence statistics. The information you have requested is detailed below
and in the attached.


I would point out that Home Choice Bristol started in 2008 so stats
provided only go back to 2008 not 2007. Please see attached figures for
number of DV applications made each year, number of DV applications
rehoused each year and the waiting times for DV cases each year.  


With regards the final question - by what criteria and with reference to
what statutory obligations does BCC judge such applications?


Housing authorities are required to have regard to specific legislation
and statutory guidance when framing the allocation scheme under Part VI of
the 1996 Housing Act and The Allocation of accommodation Guidance for
Local Authorities in England.

The 1996 Housing Act (as amended by the 2002 Homelessness Act) requires
local authorities to make all allocations and nominations in accordance
with an Allocations Scheme.

Furthermore it requires local authorities to give Reasonable Preference in
their allocations policies to people with high levels of assessed housing
need. This includes people

(a) who are homeless (within the meaning of Part 7);

(b) owed a duty by any local housing authority under section 190(2),
193(2) or 195(2) (or under section 65(2) or 68(2) of the Housing Act 1985)
or who are occupying accommodation secured by any such authority under
section 192(3);

(c) occupying insanitary or overcrowded housing or otherwise living in
unsatisfactory housing conditions;

(d) who need to move on medical or welfare grounds; and

(e) who need to move to a particular locality in the district of the
authority, where failure to meet that need would cause hardship (to
themselves or to others).


Reasonable preference means that these categories of people need to be
given a reasonable opportunity to be rehoused in suitable accommodation
within the scheme, it does not mean that they need to be given outright


For Bristol, band 3 is awarded for applicants experiencing Domestic Abuse.
The category in the Rehousing Policy that covers Domestic Abuse is
“credible threat of harm”.

The Rehousing team work with support agencies, Bristol City Council
Landlord Services and housing associations. Each victim of domestic abuse
will be seen by one of these organisations, depending on whether they are
an existing social housing tenant or being provided support.  Either a
report will be completed (Urgent Housing Need report) by social landlords
or someone from the Rehousing team or a letter can be sent to the
Rehousing team by one of the support agencies that we work with e.g Next
Link or Survive.


More information on BCC and partner agencies approach to Domestic abuse is
found in the documents below.






The option of accessing a safe house/refuge or hostel is discussed with
all applicants experiencing domestic abuse. Applicants keep their band 3
status when they move into temporary/emergency accommodation. The
accommodation is available to remove someone from a situation where they
are at risk. We do, however, take the lead from the applicant and it is
their decision as to whether they take up this option or not.

This response should answer your request in full, however if you are not
satisfied with this response or wish to lodge an appeal against any
exemptions that may have been applied, you can do so by writing to the
Data Protection Officer at Bristol City Council Legal Services, The
Council House, College Green, Bristol, BS99 7PH or [Bristol City Council request email].
Details of the complaints procedure can be found at

If, after you have exhausted the council’s complaints procedure, you are
still not satisfied with the response you have received you have the right
to complain to the Information Commissioner, details of your right to
complain can be found at

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The Council is unable to grant permission to reproduce or re-use any
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Chris Harper

Central Support Manager

Brunel House

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Bristol City Council


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tel: 0117 922 3382






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Dear Chris Harper,

Many thanks for releasing this information.

Yours sincerely,

David Cinzano

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This information request is referenced in the article ‘Not just ‘Ms X’ - how Bristol City Council fails to rehouse domestic abuse victims’ on The BRISTOLIAN newspaper's website: