Dear Port of Dover Police,

SInce G4S took over various functions at Dover Port are you passed on the statistics on confiscated items by people when leaving the port.

What items have been confiscated?
What country is the person from who has had an item confiscated?
How many people have had an item confiscated and been allowed to travel onwards and how many have been detained?

Yours faithfully,


Neil Care, Port of Dover Police

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Dear Paul,
Many thanks for your Freedom of Information Act request, received by the
Port of Dover Police on the 9 January 2014.
I attach a copy of my reply and respectfully ask that you acknowledge
receipt and confirm that your request has been complied with in order that
I might close my file.
Yours sincerely,
Port of Dover Police

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Dear Neil Care,

Surely in the fight against terrorism G4S should be passing on those details to Port of Dover Police.

When I passed through Dover Port and asked why I as being checked, I was told it was for terrorism reasons and they have had to confiscate many items. I got pointed at the direction at some big blue bins and I was told they were full of confiscated items.

This information should be in the public domain.

Does G4S pass this information onto any public body within Government that is open to a FOI request?

Yours sincerely,


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