Statistics for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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Dear University of Brighton,

My request is regarding regarding statistics for the BSc Physics, BSc Chemistry and BSc Biology courses or nearest equivalent where the precise course doesn't exist. All requests are for the 2017/2018 cycle. Many thanks.

Please can I have the following anonymised data about candidates who applied for each course. Please could you provide the data separately for each course.
1. For each applicant, can I know their A-Level predicted grades.
2. For each applicant, can I know their GCSE grades, and whether there were any extenuating circumstances involved.
3. For each applicant, could I know, where relevant, whether they were successful in getting an interview and how this was graded.
4. For each applicant, if their personal statement was given a score or grade, could I know the corresponding score.
5. For each applicant, can I know whether they were successful in receiving an offer.
6. For each applicant, please could I know which type of school they attended (independent, maintained, grammar, academy or boarding)
7. For each applicant, could I please know whether they were home or international.
8. For each applicant, whether they were on a gap year or taking a deferred place.

Please could I have all this data in an excel document or at least a machine readable format.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Normand

FOI, University of Brighton

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Dear Mr Normand
Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act Request.  Please find our
response in the attached documents.
Should you wish to seek a review of this response to your request, please
write to Mr S Dudderidge, Registrar and Secretary, 8^th Floor, Cockcroft
Building, Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 4GJ. If this fails to resolve the
matter then you have the right to apply to the Information Commissioner
for a decision.
Yours sincerely
Rachel Page
Head of Data Compliance and Record Management
[1][email address]
01273 64 2010
Vice Chancellors Office
University of Brighton
8^th Floor, Cockcroft Building
Lewes Road

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