Statistical Information in Support of statement by Parliamentary Unser -Secretary of State for Transport

House of Commons did not have the information requested.

Dear House of Commons,
In a debate on 2 September 2014 The Parliamentary Under- Secretary of State for Transport stated that "the transport user benefits to the region of trips starting in the north-west will be equivalent to roughly £342 million every year"

Would you please tell me from where the statistical information support of this information was obtained.

Incidentally my reasons for requesting this information is that my MP has told me that she cannot obtain details of passenger demand between Manchester and London vis a vis passenger demand from London to Manchester from either Network Rail, The Department of Transport of The Association of Train Operators.

Yours faithfully

Andrew M Mortimer

FOICOMMONS, House of Commons

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Dear Mr Mortimer,



Freedom of Information request F15-104


Thank you for your request for information as copied below. You asked
where the statistical information supporting a statement made by the
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport on 2nd September 2014
was obtained.


This information is not held by the House of Commons.  Whilst the House of
Commons Library produces a variety of information and statistic on a wide
range of topics, we are unable to say if this was the definitive source of
the statistics used by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for


You may wish to consider submitting your request under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 to the Department for Transport. Contact details can
be found at:


Alternatively, you may wish to consider contacting Robert Goodwill MP to
ask for the information you seek, contact details are available at:
[2] However, Members
of Parliament are not public authorities for the purposes of the Freedom
of Information Act.  This means that they are not obliged to respond to
requests made under the Act.



You may, if dissatisfied with the handling of your request, complain to
the House of Commons. Alternatively, if you are dissatisfied with the
outcome of your request you may ask the House of Commons to conduct an
internal review of any decision regarding your request. Complaints or
requests for internal review should be addressed to: Information Rights
and Information Security Service, Department of HR and Change, House of
Commons, London SW1A 0AA or [3][House of Commons request email].  Please ensure
that you specify the full reasons for your complaint or internal review
along with any arguments or points that you wish to make.

If you remain dissatisfied, you may appeal to the Information Commissioner
at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF,


Yours sincerely,


Sarah Price | IRIS Support Officer
Information Rights and Information Security (IRIS) Service | House of


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Andrew M Mortimer left an annotation ()

I continued to pursue and on 19 March 2015 The Briefing & Correspondence Manager at HS2 advised me:

"The information you requested is available in The Economic Case for HS2 (specifically Table 13 on page 83) which can be found at the following web link:

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