Stalking Statistics 2012-2019

Alan Underwood made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Justice

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The request was refused by Ministry of Justice.

Dear Ministry of Justice,

I would be grateful if you could provide me with some statistics on complaints and prosecutions for stalking, as provided for by the amendments to the Protection from Harassment Act (sections 2A and 4Ai and 4Aii, inserted by the Protection of Freedoms Act).
In particular, the figures (each year to the most up to date) I would like to know are:

1. The number of allegations of stalking recorded by the police since the legislation came in to force, as of the most recently known figures. (break down in year periods)

2. The number of these allegations which were passed to the CPS for possible prosecution.

3. For those which were not passed to the CPS, a breakdown (if possible) of the reasons for not doing so.

4. Of those passed to the CPS, the number of prosecutions which followed.

5. As before, if possible, a breakdown of the reasons why the CPS chose not to prosecute in cases where they did not.

6. Of those prosecuted, the number which resulted in either a guilty plea or a conviction.

7. Of those that were convicted the numbers who received what disposal (Community Sentence, Suspended Sentence, Immediate Custody, Hospital Order or Other disposal) and the mean duration of the disposal.

I appreciate that these offences are relatively new, and that you may not yet have had time to collate detailed statistics. But I would prefer to have partial information, if any is available, rather than none at all.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Alan Underwood

Carmichael, David, Ministry of Justice

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Dear Mr Underwood


Please find a response to your recent enquiry of the Ministry of Justice



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