Staff with Criminal Convictions

Charlie McNeive made this Freedom of Information request to Port of Tilbury London Police

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Charlie McNeive

Dear Port of Tilbury London Police,

1. How many people does your force have in each of the following roles:
a. Police Officer (Detective or Constable, including Specials)
c. Other Police staff

2. How many staff have criminal convictions?
a. How many are Police Officers (Detective or Constable, including Specials)?
b. How many are PCSOs?
c. How many are other Police staff?

3. Please provide the following information for each conviction:
a. The person's role and/or rank
b. The offence
c. Whether the person received a custodial sentence (suspended or otherwise)
d. Whether the person was convicted before they joined the police

Yours faithfully,

Charlie McNeive

James Poulain, Port of Tilbury London Police

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Charlie McNeive


In answer to your questions


At the Port of Tilbury London Police we have fifteen warranted Police


1.Chief Police Officer

        1. Inspector

        2. Sergeants.

        11  Police Constables.

         3. Support Staff.


No one has any criminal convictions.




James Poulain.

Chief Police Officer


Telephone 01375 846781


E-mail [1][email address]



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