Staff turnover and associate costs

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Dear Food Standards Scotland,

Please consider the following request for information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

1. During the period of the current Chief Executives tenure please provide:

a. The number of staff who have left the organisation.

b. The average number of staff during this period, excluding the Chief Executive.

This should be calculated by adding the number of staff at the Chief Executive’s start date to the number of staff at the date of calculation and dividing by two.

c. The turnover percentage.

This should be calculated by dividing 1a by 1b and multiplying by 100. This is the industry standard method for calculating turnover.

In relation to 1a and 1b:

- staff should include any members of staff defined as ‘workers’ in terms of 230(3) of the Employment Rights Act 1996, including but not limited to casual workers or zero hours workers.
- The data should be provided as the number of individual people and not full time equivalents.

2. In relation to number of staff who have left the organisation provided at 1a above, please provide the total cost associated with those members of staff leaving including but not limited to:

- recruitment costs, including agency and advertisement costs
- severance pay
- redundancy pay
- payments in lieu of untaken statutory and contractual leave
- Payments in lieu of notice
- Payments in lieu of benefits in kind
- Additional pension contributions made on behalf of the staff
- Compensation or negotiated settlements
- Ex gratia payments
- legal fees

Yours faithfully,

David Fisher

Food Standards Scotland

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