Staff Sickness Absense Statistics by Gender and Women's Health in the Workplace for all NICS departments

The request was successful.

Dear Department of Finance (Northern Ireland),

**I originally sent the request below to the NI Executive Office and they advised to forward this to you**

I am conducting a piece of research in relation to Women's Health in the workplace and I would really appreciate it if you could provide details of the following for each of the NICS Departments: -

- Sickness absence statistics by gender and a breakdown of the types of illnesses prior to 2004/05? The Department of Finance website appears to only go back to 2004/05 year.
- In terms of Women's Health, what policies and procedures are in place to protect women if they are sick or to prevent sickness? Are female employees made aware that working in certain environments can cause them stress physically, mentally and emotionally? Do Occupational Health or HR raise awareness to Women in the workplace of the importance of taking care of their health (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally etc)? If so what are these? How long have they been in place and how often are they updated? Do women make use of these? Please provide documents where possible.

Many thanks for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Arlow

DoF FOI, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

Dear Ms Arlow,

Thank you for your email of 23th of October.

To ensure that the appropriate information is collected in preparing a response, I would be grateful if you could confirm the time span that you wish your FOI request to cover, prior to 2004/05 up until which date?

If you had an exact from and to date that would be great.

Thank you for assistance in clarifying this.

Kind regards,

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Hi Martina,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I spoke with Nigel in NISRA and he said that they only started to monitor stats in the NICS from 2001 and these are all published on their website. If you have figures prior to this, I would be grateful if you could provide all stats that you have, where possible, up until the current year. If not, I can use what is already available there.

The second part of the request regarding policies etc in respect to women, would be really appreciated.

Many thanks for your help


NICS HR Information Requests, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Ms Arlow,


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Sherlock, Debbie, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Sherlock, Debbie,
Thank you for the response.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Arlow