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Staff redundancy/voluntary reteriement

Carol Thomas made this Freedom of Information request to Wrexham County Borough Council

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Dear Wrexham County Borough Council,

Could you please provide the following information.
1. How many employees of WCBC have left in 2015/16 for the following reasons-
a) They met normal retirement age conditions
b) They took EVR - Early Voluntary Retirement
c) They were made redundent
d)They were offered and took a settlement package

2. What are the additional costs associated b) c) d)?

3. A copy of the management structure for the top five tiers as at 1st April 2015 and at 1st April 2016?

4. What are the total cost savings being made from the staff leaving in 2015/16?

5. What will be the fee generated by PWC as a result of b), c), d)?

6. How many of the managers in the top 5 tiers will receive an increased salary as a result of colleagues leaving?

Yours faithfully,

Carol Thomas

foi, Wrexham County Borough Council

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[Subject only] RE: Freedom of Information request - Staff redundancy/voluntary reteriement - Our Ref FOI5848

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Petra Samuels, Wrexham County Borough Council

Dear Ms Thomas

I have been asked to contact you to clarify the following

"With regard to Q 4. What are the total cost savings being made from the staff leaving in 2015/16?

Do you mean all staff or those in question 1?"

I look forward to hearing from you.



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foi, Wrexham County Borough Council

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Dear Ms Thomas


Please see the attached.






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Dear foi,

Please clarify the response to question 5 which states PWC did not benefit from savings in 1.
Is this correct as under 1c 67 staff were made redundant- most of these based on the Reshaping Service programme recommendations from PWC which would have generated a fee payment

Yours sincerely,

Carol Thomas

foi, Wrexham County Borough Council

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Dear Ms Thomas

Please see the attached further response.



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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Carol Thomas please sign in and let everyone know.