Christopher Crawford

Dear Lothian NHS Board,

This request is being sent to all Scottish Health Boards and is centred around supporting staff in being able to cycle to work. This has become even more relevant in the past few months where public transport service is greatly reduced and mask wearing is required due to covid-19.

Q1 - Does your board offer staff a version of the government backed cycle to work scheme with it's tax breaks?
Q2 - What value limit is offered to each member of staff joining the scheme to procure a bike?
Q3 - What is the total value financed in each of the last 3 years for bikes?
Q4 - How many individuals have joined the scheme in each of the last 3 years?
Q5 - What is the total workforce head count for each of the last 3 years?

Yours faithfully,

Christopher Crawford

Foi, Lothian NHS Board

Dear Mr Crawford,


Your requests will be dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of
Information (Scotland) Act 2002, which requires that we respond to you
within 20 working days.


NHS Lothian’s policy on Freedom of Information requires all requests to be
collated and responded to from the offices of Lothian NHS Board at
Waverley Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG.


We will therefore be required to send you a formal response to your
request within 20 working days of receipt of your request (business


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In the meantime if you have any queries about the way in which your
request will be handled please contact me at the address below.




Kind Regards,


Michael Miller | Support Officer | NHS Lothian Corporate Governance Team |
Waverley Gate | 2-4 Waterloo Place | Edinburgh, EH1 3EG | 01314655672 |
[email address]



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Enclosed is NHS Lothian’s response to your FOI Request.


If you require a signed copy or anything else please let me know.





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