Holly Charles made this Freedom of Information request to Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, London

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, London,

Given the current climate, I believe it is in the public interest for schools to disclose the following in response to my request for information. Please treat theis as a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I do not consider that this request exceeds the Section 12 cost limit.

I would like to know:-

1. The total number of pupils on the school roll and this number broken down by

a. religious affiliation
b. ethnicity
c. first language/mother tongue
d. gender

Where numbers are small I draw your attention to Information Commissioner guidance as to where data can be presented anonymously or in a way that does not identfy individuals

Information about your SRE policy

2. Please highlight when it was last reviewed indicating What that review process consisted of?

3. What is taught in SRE in your school?

4. At what age do you start teaching SRE?

5. Please provide a list of what resources/materials are used.

6. Please supply a list of external individuals and/or organisations involved in SRE delivery of any kind?

SRE Consultation

7. Who did you consult when writing your SRE policy and deciding on which resources to use? Please indicate: Parents (other than parent governors), governors, religious organisations, LA, other stakeholders.

8. Please list the names of any other organisations involved in providing advice on your SRE policy and/or resources.

9. If you consulted parents other than parent governors, please outline how you conducted the consultation process.

10. If you have held a consultation event for parents, how many parents attended? Please supply a copy of the invitation letter and any notes/documents given to parents at the event.

11. Please supply any notes or other documents resulting from your consultation with parents.

12. Do you inform parents before an SRE programme starts? Please supply, letter, email or school newsletter containing this information.

13. How much notice do you give to parents?

14. Do you inform parents of the dates and approximate times (i.e. morning or afternoon) when SRE lessons will be delivered?

15. Do you hold an information meeting for parents prior to delivering the programme? Please supply the latest letter inviting parents to an SRE information meeting.

16. Do you show parents any DVDs or worksheets of the sexual information to be delivered during the lessons?

17. Approximately how much time do you spend during the meeting on this aspect of the programme?

18. Do you inform parents that they are legally entitled to withdraw their children from SRE lessons? If so, how do you communicate this?

19. Do you tell parents that SRE is a non-statutory part of the curriculum? If so, how do you communicate this?

20. What provision do you make for children who are withdrawn while the SRE lessons are being delivered?

21. Do you have an SRE withdrawal policy for parents? If you do, please supply a copy.

22. How do you notify parents before the start of SRE delivery?

23. How do you send letters to the parents notifying them about SRE?

24. How many children were withdrawn from SRE classes during the last two academic years?
(a) September 2013 – July 2014
(b) September 2014 – July 2015

Yours faithfully,

Holly Charles

Admin at Christ Church Primary School Hampstead, Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, London


24^th September 2015


Dear Ms Charles


I am writing to respond to your request for information received by the
school on 28^th August 2015.


You asked for

·         Information about the breakdown of pupils on roll

·         Information about our SRE policy

Information about the background of pupils (Q1) at our school is available
in the Equality Date Summary on our school website.

Detailed information (responses to Q2-23) about our teaching of SRE is
available in our Relationships and Sex Education policy which is also on
our school website. Our website is [1]

In Q24 you ask how many children were withdrawn from SRE classes during
the last two academic years. No pupils were withdrawn from SRE at Christ
Church in 13/14 or 14/15.


We trust that our response is useful however you have the right of appeal
against the decision. If you wish to appeal please set out in writing your
grounds of appeal (within 2 months of this letter) and send it to: Christ
Church Primary School, Christchurch Hill, Hampstead, London NW3 1JH and
your complaint will be dealt with through our Internal Review procedure.


If you are still not satisfied following the Internal Review, you have a
right to appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office. They can be
contacted at: Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF
Telephone: 0303 123 1113 [2]






Ann Connock

School Administrator

Christ Church School

Christchurch Hill








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