Sports and Leisure Facility locations in Scotland 2023

Rebecca Mellor made this Freedom of Information request to Scottish Sports Council Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

The request was successful.

Dear Scottish Sports Council,

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please could you provide the most recent list of sport and leisure facility locations within Scotland including name and facilities available, organisation owner and address including postcode. xls or csv format would be great.

Yours faithfully,
Rebecca Mellor

FOI, Scottish Sports Council

Good afternoon,

Sportscotland acknowledges your FOI and will reply on or before Wednesday,
05 April.

Kind regards,


Jennifer Edmonstone | Senior Legal Officer | sportscotland
Doges | Templeton on the Green | 62 Templeton Street | Glasgow | G40 1DA

t: 0141 534 1175| m: 07817 288 763
w: [1]


My working days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

If you require assistance from the Legal Team on Monday or Friday, please
contact Andrew Shaw, Legal Officer [2][email address] 07880 248 058 or
Siobhan Harkin, Legal and Procurement Administrator [email address]. 
Siobhan will assign your enquiry to a member of the Legal Team.

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FOI, Scottish Sports Council

1 Attachment

Good afternoon

Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request dated asking for
(in xls or csv format):-

The most recent list of sport and leisure facility locations within
Scotland including,

o Name and facilities available;
o Organisation owner; and
o Address including postcode.

We have taken the request of “address” to mean the address of the
facility, rather than the address of the organisation owner. Please see
this example. Glasgow City Council own Tollcross Swimming Pool facility.
The council’s address is City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DU.
The facility address would be Wellshot Road, Glasgow, G32 7QR.

Please note that the information provided is provided by third parties and
therefore we cannot guarantee its accuracy, but it is the most up to date
information we hold.

As part of our work to keep this data up to date, we would kindly request
that if you identify any issues, you share this with sportscotland at
[1][email address]

As for obtaining a comprehensive list of all the sport and leisure
facilities, you may wish to redirect your enquiry directly to various
local authorities, individual and private sport and leisure facilities, in
order to obtain a full list. However, please note that although local
authorities are subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002,
private and individual leisure facilities are not, and therefore would not
be obliged to respond.

To help us, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this
response for our records. If you are not satisfied with our response, you
are entitled to ask us to review our decision. You must make this request
within 40 working days of the date of this response, explaining why you
think we should carry out a review, stating the information request to
which this review relates, and the name and address of the applicant for
correspondence. Review requests should be sent to Head of Finance,
sportscotland, Doges, Templeton on the Green, 62 Templeton Street,
Glasgow, G40 1DA. Further information on our Freedom of Information
procedures can be found on sportscotland’s website under the Freedom of
Information section at the end of the home page. You will receive the
outcome of the Review Request within 20 working days of receipt of your
request for sportscotland to carry out a review.

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of your Review Request, you
subsequently have the right to apply to the Scottish Information
Commissioner for a decision either in writing or online. Further details
on this process are available on the Commissioner’s website:
[2] An online appeal may be made to the
Scottish Information Commissioner by following this link
Scottish Information Commissioner’s Details:

Address: Scottish Information Commissioner, Kinburn Castle, Doubledykes
Road, St Andrews, KY16 9DS.
Telephone: 01334 464610

Kind regards

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