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I'd be grateful if you can provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in regards to vehicles used to transport the Mayor of your Local authority.

1) A list of all vehicles owned or leased to the council for the use of transporting the Mayor of your Local authority and:
a) The make and model of each vehicle?
b) The cost of purchasing each vehicle (if not leased) since 2018?
c) The cost of leasing each vehicle (if not purchased) since 2018?
d) The cost of fuel for each vehicle since 2018?
e)The costs associated with maintaining each vehicle since 2018?
f) The cost of insuring each vehicle since 2018?
g) The costs of any parking fees and / or fines / PCNs issued to each vehicle since 2018?

Please provide cost per annum if possible for questions 1b-1g.

2) How many days a week on average is each vehicle used?

3) Is transporting the mayor the primary use of the vehicle? If not, please list other uses?

I look forward to receiving a response from you and I am happy to provide any additional information you require.

Yours faithfully
Akwesi Osei

Information Governance, Bath and North East Somerset Council

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Dear Akwesi Osei,


Please see enclosed response to your FOIA/EIR request, please accept our
sincere apologies for the delay in sending.


We trust that we have answered your queries, however if you have any
further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you are unhappy with the response to your request, you may ask for an
internal review within 40 working days of receipt of this response. Please
contact Jeff Wring - Service Director - Commercial and Governance, at
Lewis House, Manvers St, Bath BA1 1JG or by email to:
[1][email address].


If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have
the right to appeal directly to the Information Commissioner for a
decision. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at Wycliffe House,
Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. [2]www.ico.org.uk


Please refer to the disclaimer regarding reuse which can be found on the
Council website at:



Yours sincerely,


Information Governance Team –

One West

Bath & North East Somerset Council

Email: [4][Bath and North East Somerset Council request email]



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