Speeding fines issued in Northampton by speed cameras and the Police

Northamptonshire Police and Crime Panel did not have the information requested.

Dear Northamptonshire Police and Crime Panel,

I would like to find out how many speeding fines have been issued
since the speed cameras were turned off in 2011 in Northampton.

My questions are,

How many fines were issued caught by speed cameras between March
2010 and March 2011?

How many fines were issued by the Police between March 2010 and
March 2011?

How does this compare to speeding fines which were issued between
March 2014 and March 2015 by the Police?

Yours faithfully,

Rachel Clarke

James Edmunds,

Dear Ms Clarke,

The Northamptonshire Police & Crime Panel is responsible for scrutinising the Northamptonshire Police & Crime Commissioner, but is a separate body from the PCC's Office and from Northamptonshire Police.

You should contact Northamptonshire Police to obtain the specific information you are seeking. Guidance about making an FoI request to Northamptonshire Police is on their website at the following link:


James Edmunds

Democratic Services Assistant Manager and Statutory Scrutiny Officer

Northamptonshire County Council
Room 144
County Hall
Northampton NN1 1DN

01604 366053
[Northamptonshire PCP request email]

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