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Edward Callow made this Freedom of Information request to Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Avon and Somerset Constabulary,

I’m writing to request the total number of (a) fixed speed cameras in your jurisdiction by location authority name and (b) active, working speed cameras in your jurisdiction by local authority name.

Yours faithfully,
Edward Callow

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Edward Callow Our 083/22
[1][FOI #823130 email] Date 10


Dear Edward Callow



Re: Request for information dated 17 January 2022 under the Freedom of
Information Act


I write in connection with your above request where you asked:


I’m writing to request the total number of:


(a) fixed speed cameras in your jurisdiction by location authority name


(b) active, working speed cameras in your jurisdiction by local authority



Our response:



As some old fixed cameras belong to the Local Authorities, we do not hold
this information in full.


Insofar as we do hold information in relation to this question, we can
confirm that this is already available in the public domain and therefore
falls within the Section 21 exemption of the Freedom of Information Act. 
Section 21 is an absolute and class based exemption and as such does not
require a harm or public interest test.


Please visit [2]this link for access to the information you have


This serves as a (partial) refusal notice under section 17(1) of the FOI



This information changes on a daily basis.  As of 17 January 2022, please
see the information requested below:


Local Authority Camera location

Sedgemoor Rooksbridge

BANES A4 Saltford

Taunton Dean Henlade

Taunton Dean A38 East Reach

Bristol A4018 Westbury Rd

Bristol B3122 St John’s Ln

S Glos A420 Hill St

S Glos A4174 Station Rd EB

S Glos A38 Patchway SB

S Glos New Cheltenham Rd

S Glos A38 Patchway NB

S Glos A38 Gloucester Rd/ Gayner Rd

S Glos A4174 Station Rd WB

Sedgemoor A38 Cross (Shute Shelve)

Bristol A4 Hotwells Road

Bristol A4 Bath Rd (North of Kensington Park Rd)

Bristol A4 Bath Rd, West of Stockwood Rd

Bristol A4 Portway EB

Bristol Filton Ave Nr Jct Beatrix Place, Filton

BANES A39 Bath Rd, Farmborough

BANES Lansdown Lane Opposite Jct of Haviland Grove

BANES A362 Frome Rd, Writhlington

BANES A37 Pensford Hill

Taunton A358 Greenway Road, Taunton



Yours sincerely,


James Small

Disclosure Officer

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