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From: dennis fallon

Dear Home Office,
I have been amazed to discover that, in reality, Gatso Type
Approval testing was left totally in the hands of the private firm
called ACPO, to meet their requirements, and there is no evidence
that assessment of the dangers of unfiltered flash or occurrence of
false activations were ever considered by any responsible people.

I have seen Home Office reply CR14701 from Alice
Snelling,Information Access Consultant,dated 11 February 2011 and I
would appreciate disclosure of some of the items mentioned within.

FOI POINT ONE.Quote from CR14701, PART 1 REPLY.”further documents
mention concerns from Wiltshire police, Essex police and the
Metropolitan Police Service regarding the reliability issues of
theses cameras”.
Please provide disclosure, as pdf, of these documents so that the
concerns of these police forces may be reviewed.

FOI POINT TWO.Quote from CR14701,PART 2 REPLY,"have located a
letter,dated 26 July 1993,which was from the Sales and Marketing
manager of Serco(the agent for Gatso) to Steve Lewis at HOSDB..."
Please provide disclosure of this document, with any commercially
sensitive information redacted.

FOI POINT THREE.Quote from CR14701,PART 3 REPLY,”the Type Approval
pages signed by Kenneth Clarke on 17th December 1992 were kept as
it is policy to keep hard copy records of documents signed by
Please provide, in pdf form, a copy to view of the original Type
Approval signed by Kenneth Clarke, which you keep as mentioned

Yours faithfully,

dennis fallon

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From: dennis fallon

Dear Home Office,
It is required,as a minimum basic of good manners,that
acknowledgement and completion dates for requests is provided.

Yours faithfully,

dennis fallon

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From: FOI Requests
Home Office

Mr Fallon

Thank you for your email. Apologies for one of our staff not getting
back to you. We did receive your request of 15th June 2011. The
deadline date for this case is 13th July 2011. If you do not hear from
us after this date please feel free to contact us using reference number


Information Management Service (IMS)

Information Services Centre

LG Seacole Building

Marsham Street

0207 035 6699

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dennis fallon left an annotation ()

I have closed this thread as it is being dealt with on a duplicate thread.

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