Specific requirements to address the V5C body type amendment to Motor Caravan component of external appearance

The request was partially successful.

Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,

The gov.uk website (link below) provides advice on requirements needed by the DVLA to compete a V5C body type amendment to Motor Caravan.


Contained in the second paragraph on this site is the following advice;

“DVLA is required to record the details of vehicles for road safety and law enforcement. The body type information held on the vehicle record must describe what a vehicle actually looks like. This description, in addition to other distinguishing features, enables the police and other enforcement agencies to identify a particular vehicle. Therefore, the body type will not be changed unless the exterior of the vehicle actually appears to be a motor home.”

A number of recent applications have been rejected, and on querying the DVLA decision a response similar to the following is often provided;

“Whilst the interior of these vehicles may have been fitted with living facilities associated with a motor home/caravan and meet an internal checklist, in the majority of cases the external appearance essentially remains how it was originally constructed.

We have reviewed the use of the body type descriptor “Motor Caravan” in conjunction with the Police to ensure it accurately describes a vehicle externally. This means that a VAN WITH SIDE WINDOWS fitted internally with living facilities should be described by how the vehicle looks externally.”

My request for information is as follows;

1. Please provide the details of the review of the body type descriptor “Motor Caravan” conducted in conjunction with the Police, specifically with reference to the details that were decided, and the process undertaken to make these decisions, regarding how vehicles qualify to be identified as a “Motor Caravan” and what excluded other vehicles from this category.

2. Please provide a list outlining the external features, required by the DVLA, in order for a vehicle to qualify for V5C body type amendment to “Motor Caravan” (note the internal features are clearly identified on the hyperlink provided above so something similar would be appreciated).

Yours faithfully,

M. Roach

FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail requesting information. The DVLA are dealing with your request under the terms of The Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Your request has been given reference number: FOIR7759.

You should expect to receive a reply to your request by 13 August 2019.

If you have any further questions or enquiries on this request please quote the reference number.

Thanks & Regards,

David A Morgan
Freedom of Information Team
Data Sharing & Protection Group | Strategy, Policy and Communications Group | C2 | DVLA | Swansea | SA6 7JL
Twitter: @dvlagovuk

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FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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Mr Roach

Please see attached a reply to your Freedom of Information request, FOIR7759


Freedom of Information Team

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Annex A of the response from the DVLA:


This ends with the following statement:

"I attach some examples of vehicles which we will accept as a motor caravan for ‘body type’
purposes. I also attached some examples of the vehicles which do not meet the criteria. "

There are no examples attached.

The response is incomplete.