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Stephen Williams made this Freedom of Information request to Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service,

Good day,

I would like the following information which I believe your organisation possesses, disclosed to me in accordance with the FOIA. I don't believe any exemptions would exist for this request and should not cost excessive amounts or exceed allocated hours.

1 - What grading of fire risk is the Cumbria Park Hotel Scotland Road Carlisle?

2 - Has this hotel been subject to an updated fire assessment by your staff since its change to an asylum assessment centre?

3 - If it is high risk can you confirm if Crib 7 beds are being used as I understand that is the requirement for such a risk category in residential properties? If not, why not and did it feature on your last inspection?

4 - Are you aware that the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli is also owned by the owners of the current owners of Cumbria Park Hotel, Carlisle. This hotel was subject to a fire inspection by Mid and West Wales Fire Service on 29th September 2023. The inspector found a number of failings in the fire safety at the location and issued a prohibition notice stating persons could not sleep at the location. If you have not completed a recent fire assessment at the location I would suggest that one is conducted and matters including Crib 7 are checked. Could you provide notice if you intend to conduct a check? if not, not why not including your rationale for not conducting such safety checks?

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Williams

Information Governance (Fire), Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service

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Dear Mr. Williams,


Please see the attached for a response to your Freedom of Information
request around the Cumbria Park Hotel.


Kind regards,


Lewis (He/They)

Information Governance

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service

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