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DAVID SMITH made this Freedom of Information request to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council,
1/ The governments own means testing model recommends that people on income support are not means tested and that the allowance is paid in full without any deductions for child benefit do you comply with this or do you means test and then deduct.

2/ If a child is on DLA do you use this as income when means testing.

3/ When a child is on DLA the child tax credit pay a DIABILITY PREMUIM with the child tax credit do you deduct this from the allowance or just deduct the basic child tax credit.

4/special guardians are told by National support groups that the allowance should be the National minimum fostering allowance rate do you comply with this and what constitutes the minimum ie: pocket money etc.

5/ do you increase the allowance annually if not how often do you increase it.

Yours faithfully,
david smith

Information Manager, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Sir

I acknowledge with thanks your request for information; this request has been considered as a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

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Yours faithfully,

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Jill Beaumont, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Please find response to your FOI request as below:


 1.  Oldham Council does not apply the means test where the only household
income is ‘Income Support’.  The maximum allowance is used and there
are no deductions.
 2. Disability Living Allowance is wholly disregarded by Oldham Council.
 3. See number 2 above.
 4. The fostering allowance used for Oldham Council foster carers is used
as the maximum SGO allowance.  Oldham Council does not determine if
the child should receive a minimum figure as ‘pocket money’ or if a
child should receive ‘pocket money’ at all.
 5. The SGO allowances are increased in line with fostering allowances.




Jill Beaumont

Director of Childrens Social Care and Early Help

Civic Centre

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OL1 1UG*

Tel - 0161 770 4778

Mob - 07703 750743

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*Please note: For satellite navigation purposes the postcode is OL1 1NL


Visiting the Civic Centre by Metrolink? The nearest stop is Oldham King
Street (2-3 minutes walk)




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