Dear Chelmsford City Council,
Please supply details of Special Expenses, including costs, applied to each area/parish within the CCC area.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Thurgood

Information Request, Chelmsford City Council

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Dear Mr. Thurgood,       


I am sending this email in response to your Freedom of Information Act
2000 request reference IR 8774. Please use this reference in any
subsequent contact relating to this request. In addition, you have asked
for some information in direct correspondence with Michael Packham from
the Council’s Financial Services area. Some of this correspondence has
been passed over to me to treat under Freedom of Information legislation
as it also asks for information held by the Council. This is included
within the response below.



Please find attached details of Special Expenses applied to each parished
or unparished area.


As mentioned above, you have also asked for the following in direct
correspondence with Michael:

Are the Strategic Sports Grounds listed maintained by CCC or by individual
parishes?  If they are maintained by CCC then, as I said in one of my
earlier emails, they should be a General Expense not a Special Expense.  I
imagine that every team using the facilities is charged for the privilege
no matter which Parish they may originate.  Why else would anybody travel
to those facilities if it was not to play team sports?  As I have also
said before, if any of our residents did want to use any of the
facilities, how would they get there with the limited bus services that we
have to endure out here.  Remember also that people are being encouraged
to use buses rather than cars so Councils must make better provision to
enable that to happen.


I can confirm that the Strategic Sports Grounds listed [in previous
correspondence] are maintained by Chelmsford City Council as any Special
Expenses charged to Parishes reflect CCC costs. They form a part of
Special Expenses as some Parishes provide Strategic Sports Grounds at
their own cost, so these Parishes are not charged for Strategic Sports
Grounds within their Special Expenses and all Parishes who do not provide
them at their own cost, are charged for them as part of Special Expenses.
If they were charged for within General Expenses, this would unfairly
penalise those Parishes who do provide them. Also, the City Council are
unable to supply information on the bus service within the region as this
function is not our responsibility. This is the responsibility of Essex
County Council within the area of Chelmsford. You can contact Essex County
Council generally if you wish to make a comment or complaint, or
alternatively you can contact their Freedom of Information department, if
you require information from them, using the following email address:
[1][email address].


Right to Internal Review

If you are dissatisfied with this response or with the way your request
has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act, you have the right
to ask for your request to be independently reviewed by the Director of
Connected Chelmsford. You should set out your representations in writing
explaining why you are dissatisfied with this response or the way your
request has been handled and send to [2][email address]. The review
will be conducted in accordance with the Council’s internal review
procedure which is published on its website at
[3] You will be notified of the
outcome of the review as soon as possible and in any event within 20
working days from receipt of your representations.



If you should still remain dissatisfied following the outcome of the
review, you may apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision by
writing to:


Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane

Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF

Tel: 0303 1231113 or 01625 545745


Yours sincerely,


John Breen

Information Governance Manager and DPO

Chelmsford City Council


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